Buying/Upgrading a Flute


Buying a new flute is a very important decision for students, especially considering the price range of upper-level flutes. It is important to understand that flutes that work well for some students may or may not work as well for others. Flutes have certain attributes, such as the head joint, lip plate, wall-thickness, and facility of the key movement that need to be considered and evaluated per student. The particular physiology of the student must also be taken into consideration.

Before buying a new flute in San Antonio, please remember the following:

  • Mrs. Gurwitz is unbiased and does not work on commission.
  • She does not promote or represent any specific flute manufacturers, music companies, or flute models.
  • She has no reason to encourage you to buy a more-expensive flute, and she only makes suggestions based on the way a flute responds. Note that just because one flute may be more expensive than another does not mean that it is better for you.
  • She can explain the differences she hears between selected flutes so that you can understand why buying one flute may be a better choice/investment than another.
  • She can save you time by preselecting some flute manufacturers and models for you to try that are within your budget, especially in San Antonio.

The charge for this service is $60 per hour depending on the location and amount of time required. For an additional fee, Mrs. Gurwitz will travel from San Antonio to other cities, such as Austin or Dallas. For assistance with buying a new flute and selecting upgrades, please contact Mrs. Gurwitz. Make sure to keep your old flute when upgrading especially if you participate in high school marching band. An upper-level flute should not be used for marching band.



A selection of appropriate higher-level flutes presented to a student